Thursday, May 9, 2013

2 Days!

This is Hermana O's Last Missionary Email..... 2 days she will be home!!  

I looked up the translations of her spanish and put it ( ) -most of it makes sense :)



Its hard to describe the feelings. The Elders keep telling me I'm in denial. I am very much so denying the fact that next week I won't be sitting in Texas updating you about what has been going on in the life I have now. I am so happy to be a missionary. That's why I'll always be one. El nombre de Christo siempre estare escrito al dentro de mi Corazon =(The name of Christ I'll always be writing in my heart.).  Friday and Saturday I will have the chance to start making decision and plans for the next phase of life. For now I fix my sight on diligence and the family.
We have fasted and prayed for the "J Family" now we just get to pray longer and harder and work even harder and longer to find them. Keep them and us in your prayers.
This week we had the opportunity to find a girl who does not know much about God, she learned from us that he exisits and that the Book of Mormon teaches that truth. When we gave her a reading assignment she told us in our lesson the next day that as she was walking home she started reading it. Real desire. She has now disappeared. Her grandmother told us that this is normal. 

I have come to know the blessing of the knowledge of who I am and who I can become. I know with that knowledge anyone can become a happy and fulfilled person. I know God is our Heavenly Father. He put us here to come back to Him through His Son, there is no other way. The work of inviting others to Christ is so essential. My brothers and sisters needed me here in the Texas McAllen Mission, then The Lord has transferred me to the Fresno (California Mission), who knows where I'll go from there? 
"Mas si el me llama a sendas que yo camine confiando en el le dire: Senor a donde me mandes ire!" (But if you call me I walk paths relying on tell him: Lord where ire send me!

One of my first favorite hymns has become even more significant and sweet.
 "Tis sweet to sing the matchless love of Him who left His throne above..." And I will sing.
"Each life that touches ours for good reflects thine own great mercy Lord, thou sendest blessings from above from those who love" And I will love.
Oh if I were an angel! (and could be a full time missionary always) Oh but I have sinned in the desires of my heart" I will always be a missionary!
With love and happiest animo,
Hermana O
If I could give any small advice to all and even myself: always study the scriptures with a question. Ask and ye shall receive. Come to know and live the scriptures and help others to learn and receive the truth is a full time spiritual work. We always have to opportunity to participate in the work. Never doubt that God is guiding you as you seek Him.
Fe! Esperanza! Caridad! Con todo nuestra alma mente y fuerza. Oh cuan dulce es. (Faith! Hope! Charity! With all our soul, mind and strength. Oh how sweet it is).