Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aug 20

Congrats to J keep doing all the good stuff and something even better will come up sometime!
Ya I'm staying in CC and I am sorry I didn't save enough time to write.

great quote of the week: "Happy thoughts are like sun beams from your face" -Dahl
I love you all please pray for bro t and brother g
Love you all!!!
the island is beautiful we hope to find more people there!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13th


My companion and I are doing well. She's got medicine and such but still is getting drowsy and coughs. So we're working on it :-)

I like the hair cut, your hair may be longer then mine. I'll try and send a picture next week.
Sis T. is amazing I will definitely tell you wheres and whens of the pictures -I hope I'll still remember!

Ya Elder W. has been in my prayers as some really great elders head home my heart goes out to them because they are so strong and have to go conquer another mountain.... and eternity and such. I like the farewell thing they have that sounds like it would be great.
I hope I can speak decent spanish when I get home!
I am grateful this week for the spirit. Its companionship is the key. Still learning, still falling and smiling in my head telling satan thanks for reminding me of this and then I get back and move forward and never let satan win! I love it! Thank goodness we have the support of our Father in Heaven. He's the winning side after all :-D
Great quote by Joseph Smith
i like the quote you sent this week reading the Ensign by The Prophet Joseph Smith--  
“All your losses will be made up to you in the resurrection, provided you continue faithful. By the vision of the Almighty I have seen it.” 
I know that we have so many blessings waiting for us! I just don't want as many good blessings here besides happiness and peace so that in heaven they'll have more to build my home with ;-)
Keep praying for us! I feel the strength of your testimony every day.
But ya funny thing of the week: you know you've been a sister missionary too long when your companion says you act like you're from the 50's (i guess fellow isn't a normal word ! and when you have a pj skirt)
All in all 
Love you mom!
hard week for my ears. I need to listen better. Does anyone have any tips? because I know I've heard them but I probably wasn't listening well enough to soak it in! 
sorry! love you!
This week we need prayers to help us get out and find those souls waiting and help to always have the spirit with us. Specific prayers work miracles 
LOVE Sister O.
(by golly!)
Texas McAllen Mision
200 W. La Vista Ave
McAllen, TX  78501

August 5th

The mission life the low down!
I wake up at 6... my brain doesn't wake up til 6:30 which why I wake up at 6. I try and read or write in my agenda (which is pretty much my journal) and I wake myself up again at 6:35 get dressed and start exercising in the apartment with "Ye Elders Of Israel" its a great work song and it gets me and my companion up and singing about leaving sins behind all day every day.
We try and go for a short run and then we get ready. Its an improvement from 4 sisters with one bathroom in one hour to 2 sisters in one bathroom in one hour so its pretty good. this week I ate a lot of rice, pasta, and oatmeal because they were left overs from other transfers and I had no money on my card. 
So I am doing way better at planning and just getting things written down and then having everything have a place and keeping organized. It needs work but the area is steadily improving and also we are too.
My poor companion has had a cough for like 4 weeks and well we're gonna help her get over it this week.
and next week I'll tell you about studies and then some of the fun stuff we do during the day.
Please just remind me to talk about it :-)
And for all those who I may have missed HAPPPPPPPPYY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Love you all!
Hermana O