Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 21, 2012

Just received this forward :)

Hermana Oomrigar
Texas McAllen Mission
200 W. LaVista
McAllen, Tx 78501
May 21 (6 days ago)

Si I have the package thank you! And the one from the S's! Thank you S's!
I don't know the address of our home :-/ sorry!!!! I should get it though no matter what happens!
Sis D has not had it easy lately and she didn't come to church on Sunday. We're going to visit and perform spiritual CPR! Church Prayer Reading... and we'll see she is going to be baptized Sunday!
Sis K is great as usual her son came to church this Sunday (yeah!) And we'll see if she has received an answer to her prayers about baptism and the church and the Book of Mormon. :-D I think she has she just doesn't recognize it yet.
Area is great :-) and the wards are wonderful. The Elders are jealous of how amazing our bikes are. So its all good!  Its been crazy and transfers are next week. My companion already feels like she's leaving and I have no idea what will happen. But we're going to find and teach and prepare 10 or more people this week so please keep us and them in your prayers. Love you all!
PS Read your Book of Mormon in Public! I was reading it in the DMV (DPT here) and I sat down thinking that I could talk to this old man, but then he couldn't hear me so I stopped trying, he left and this lady sitting two chairs away scooted down just to sit next to me and ask if I was reading the bible. I talked to her about the Book of Mormon (as best I could by myself in Spanish!) and she "helped me" ;-) read some because I was studying it to learn Spanish I shared Alma's story and such because her son isn't following Christ. And well eventually I gave her my Ensign from general conference (two conf- blue liahona with angel Moroni) and she was reading an article I showed her then she was just looking in the whole thing and  I was barely able to focus on my reading trying to pray for her that she wouldn't find something that was an answer or anything to help to want to learn more and such and I traded spots with my companion so she could talk to the lady but I forgot to tell her to invite her to learn more and the lady left and I didn't get her number or anything!!!!!
BUT moral of the story is open your mouth and don't forget to invite them to learn more get an address phone number anything!!!! Oh and study the Book of Mormon in Public and smile and be willing to talk... Send me your experience ;-)
Love you!
Hermana O
2Nephi 9:20 & 21

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hermana O. May 14, 2012

Okay hello!

Sis K is great she is a single mom who wants to come closer to God. She has a boyfriend that is a member and he and she read the scriptures over the phone! Its very sweet to hear that they are learning together.
Sis D is a wonderful young mom  (i just realized all our current investigators are single moms wow...) she recently found work and is trying to juggle her three kids and read and pray and fast (we fasted with her to find work the other day) and well she is just making all the changes in life to have that peace in baptism its amazing. She is so powerful!
We (my companion and I) are so grateful for all your prayers in our behalf we've definately seen the miracles of talking to someone right when they need it and I feel all of your faith helping me study and teach, without your prayers I don't know where I'd be!
That was a big thing I learned this weekend: how do we grow closer to our Heavenly Father daily? Prayer, reading scriptures, and follwoing the commandments. I have seen the blessing of these habits and I have seen the consequences of not. I know that our Savior has given us the example and the ways to live to find true happiness. A talk (actually from George Albert Smith Lesson manual) someone was speaking on yesterday was titled "Open your Soul to the Lord in Prayer" I heard of how if we teach our children to pray (like when I wanted to go to do something and I had to pray to see if I should) it will help them to build that relationship with God. And another lady mentioned how hearing the stories of how prayers were answered to her grandparents then her mom and now she tells those stories to her children, she has built that habit from those stories and remembers those stories in times of hardship. What blessings!
The song from this past week is "Secreta Oracion" Rendire mi corazon en secreta oracion ganare este don, el cielo comunion" or something like that! in eng its "secret prayer" WONDERFUL song.
I will give my heart to secret prayer to earn or recieve this gift commuion with the heavens!
I know that we can communicate with God and recieve help and guidance! I love praying :-D
Don't forget to pray! And please send my thanks to all those who have written me and I may not have written back yesterday I said people haven't written but then I realized how many have and I am so greatful! Please tell all my family and friends I love them for all the little things they have done for me.
I love you mom!
"If we have faith in Jesus Christ the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing" Elder Eyring quote of the day :-) see for more from conf!
-Hermana O

Friday, May 4, 2012

April 30,2012

I'm doing well ;-D living and running around but I'm trying to limit running to the morning... it hasn't worked yet,
I always seem to need to run to the car or something :-D

My week went well. We found families to help to be baptized in May and we'll see how they progress. 
We had a baptism this weekend! The assistants and us had investigators and it was just a grand event! 
Family, friends and ward members moving all together, and such, it was great to be so involved. 
And a call for missionary work for the members this week from zone conference. if the members understood 
the responsibility and knew how to accomplish it then they can help us, so we're trying to help them help their 
own missionary work they should be doing. 

Being senior companion normally means you lead, you are responsible if the companionship does anything out of line, responsible for entering numbers on Monday, and basically that's it. Sis B. is 29 and is a lot faster at making decisions with investigators then I am so I am trying to learn to not just lean on her to lead in decisions all the time, so sometimes it feels like I am alone in making the decision when really its me catching up.... its hard but its good for me to think fast and learn to make decisions faster.
Love you mom talk to you soon.
Hermana O.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 23, 2012

Note from Blog Admin/Sister: Sorry this is so late getting posted, it was just forwarded to me yesterday

I'm en LE, I think its a type of tree? Its just an area
I don't know my new address the mission home is so close. And my new companion is Sis B. she's from Mexico and she is great. So powerful and she just teaching . Sometimes I get lost in all of the things that she knows and I need to know.  I'm not a very good senior comp but I'm learning and we're balancing and she and I are learning to let the Spirit be senior companion!

So I see the Assistants all the time now, at first I was a little freaked out but now its okay. Just normal Elders that have lots more to do then me. We have zone meeting this week so I get to learn the stuff I already learned in McAllen, but I'm excited to keep working. We have a family (a young couple!) Getting baptized this weekend keep couple S in your prayers!!! 

K's married and Sweet pea is one how crazy! I feel so blessed! I hope to see a picture of them both sometime soon!
Mom keep up all the good work and enjoy camp! I love YW and I can't wait to hear how it all goes.
Did you give a lesson this Sunday? or recently? I thought of you and I saw you giving a lesson?
Covenants are so important!
My scripture for today: Lucas 10:38-42

:-D Love you mom! send my love to everyone!!!
Hermana O