Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 25, 2013

I love when the Spirit teaches two people in different parts of the world the same thing. :-)

I learned recently that sometimes I ignore the promptings of the spirit and in some things I have not prepared my mind sufficiently. So I have been rededicated to lesson plans and organizing the area book with my companion since last Tuesday. this past week is described in pretty much miracles of obedience because as we spoke of our purpose clearly and followed the promptings to visit certain homes and people the Lord blesses us. We were blessed to find some new people who are really excited about living the gospel and this is also what we learned in Zone conference last week to find the prepared the "eligidos" the elect. The Lord knows where each of them are and now we have listened and followed and found them taught with clarity and now its just really exciting!

I also got to go on companion exchanges to my old area flour Bluff ( "da bluff")  and I got to hear and feel and see in action the testimony of a man that I was able to teach there Brother G! he has such a strong testimony of the truth and he loves the modern day scriptures! its so powerful it was so exciting to work with him. And also the new sister that is fresh from the MTC from 5 weeks ago and she is so faith filled just wanting to the Lord's will. I remember that fire and its still burning in me. Green things grow I am still green.
This weekend the miracle of baptism is now planned for three new people in the Rockport area! que dicha es! How great it is!

Speaking of green. The Lord has asked me to leave Rockport. Sister E is heading to Everheart to "pink wash" or go to an area where elders were serving and start working there with Sister R. Crazy huh? The Lord has called Elders to the rockport area Elder C and M. The branch who normally hears the gossip within hours of big news like this let out a giant gasp (Sis E describes it like the reaction that the Merfolk give when Ariel isn't in her shell during her coming out performance at the beginning of The Little Mermaid) it was bitter sweet.

I am heading to Annaville to "pink wash" and train a new sister. I have no idea who she is and I am pretty sure she is coming from the MTC.  SO the Lord has been preparing me for this. I received a blessing a couple weeks ago that said the last weeks were going to be the most important and now I know why. I get the chance to meet a whole new group of people and grow and teach and woah... I am so excited the Lord just keeps sending surprises my way its crazy.

Forever Strong!
Love Hermana O

Thursday, March 14, 2013



I am staying in R! I should be finishing my mission here its the time of a special diligence and I am so humbled that the lord has given me all this amazing time, I get to be a missionary always with these basics I am learning here. Sorry not much details this week other then we taught a lesson in Spanish... sometimes I feel rusty and sometimes I just think need to learn that word that word that word.... It happens- more studies here I come! Oh and this week there was this thing called oyster fest that was down the street from our trailer it was just weird because the worldly music was just terrible sounding the whole nights and days. I know I want to stay clean and pure in everything I do when I get home. 

I gave a talk on Sacrament on Sunday and I just want to bear my testimony. I know that as I have been blessed to take the sacrament weekly I have been able to change and improve with out even realizing it. What a mercy it is to feel God's love each Sunday. I have had the chance to progress so much in this life just by being diligent in sacrament attendance and partaking of the sacred emblems. Its literally like witnessing Christ's resurrected hands and feet and side every week. Elder Holland said the Atonement was the "crowning event of eternity" -Do this in remembrance of Me Elder Holland" therefore the sacrament as we remember His sacrifice should be the "crowning event" of the week every week. think of Him and we receive answers.

Love you!
Hermana O

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I love Rockport it is gorgeous it pretty much puts you under a spell of the waves and the skies all combined together to remind you of the glory of God, all might not see it as that but it gives me that hope and knowledge. 

Today I'm just going to review the past week. I will tell you more about the AMAZING training this past couple days on Monday.

last week we started off getting to know members still and we got to teach the Familia H. the mom is not a member and is doing her part and working with her husband to become active and happy members of the church. bro h wants to be this example for his sweet little daughter and it has blessed us so much to see them change. Sis E has seen them grow the most and I feel so blessed to see them growing even now and feeling the spirit in their home. There is some much to do and yet the lord has really helped them out. 

I am also really happy because I have seen some really tough moments be swallowed up in the moments when we were instruments in the Lords hands to share his love with his children. I have so much love for these people it is sometimes hard to know what to do but as I listen to the spirit he helps. I am so much of nothing its freeing. I have the power to be an instrument because i have been given choices and i choose to see and put God's hand to guide me. Not perfect at it but its still powerful. 

The members in Rockport just love and support one another and I just feel God's love working through them and I am just glad I get to be here to help them focus that love into missionary work.

We are doing a lot of service because its not kosher to proselyte here. Which is super hard for me I have to focus on being normal and see if they are interested without offering it as directly as before. Is a learning experience that has been growing me.

I love it here. I love missionary work. I have also reflected on how the lord has prepared me for these moments and how he is preparing people all around us its beautiful. Also with Stake conference on Sunday I felt the spirit soooooooooo strong. I have to repent and let men respect my womanhood I have to let them be gentlemen. It includes letting people serve me. I am learning from this also. I know it will help me to be the person the Lord needs me to be. I love the Lord. He answers your prayers and mine as well.

Hna O.


I am doing great. the wedding didn't happen still have to do some paper work issues keep praying for them they have to wait a while longer for baptism so its going to be more time to loose the spirit but with prayers it should help!
We were able to help out some families feel God's love! The spirit is really guiding as we are hearkening to the promptings. 
One family we met with is interested and is reading the gospel pamphlet so pray for them, its bro d and sis L.

Other then that we just keep learning a lot. The branch here has done a lot of missionary work they are the most serviceable people you will every meet. And now we need a battery charge or jump start. Maybe a new idea of missionary work or things that have worked in your wards? We are going back to the basics as a branch and any ideas are always welcomed!

We also realized we as missionaries do not carry the mantle of maintaining the branch we learned that we are to support the branch but more then anything we are to just go and find and teach and convert and baptize. Miracles are waiting!

A grand miracle was the knowledge of the next life, we had a memorial service for a daughter of a lady here and we were able to celebrate life and then also remember the next life is for learning as well.

I know that the Lord has sent me here to grow in patience and this week my goal is to grow in pure knowledge and beauty in the actions and words I do especially in context of the Atonement! HAving Christ be my center helps others to want that for themselves as well.

con muchoisimo amor,
Hermana O


I had a noticeable difference this week as we were learning from leaders and such I felt invigorated but with the lack of personal scripture study I felt less energy also it was interesting contrast. I know the Spirit taught and I am grateful to be able to study the scriptures for myself now. We found out a great sister and her family were not married. which normally would have scared us because that means she could not be baptized on your goal and so with the training this week we practice this very thing. Making plans it happens! SO because of that preparation they actually should be getting married officially Thursday. we are following the spirit and the plan but if all goes well she will be baptized and confirmed this weekend. Sat and Sunday. Pray for the Ham Family! 

They are growing so much! Its amazing how the lord invites us to grow as we help others. I feel so much love for these people it makes me cry when I hear their hopes and dreams and I just want to help them reach them! The lord is guiding us. 

-Sis O

2/3/13, 2/11/13

2/3/13Pues esta semana estuvo muy bien no encontramos muchas personas pero teniamos milagros en cuales nos guio a personas que nos necesitaban. 

Hna R quiere aprender pero no esta en bien communicacion ahora. tuvimos una leccion y sentimos el espiritu aun mas fuerte de la vez pasada pero despues no pudimos tener una leccion. Vamos a ver si esta noche podemos contactarla. Las familias de la semana pasada no quieren tener citas entre la semana entonces mas a menos las dejamos pero no tuvimos una leccion por que no nos permitieron pasar... :-/ es muy triste pero con claridad les dijimos es muy importante para su familia para poner tiempo.

Entonces las hnas tienen mucho trabajo y van a bautizar en marzo!

Hna Ready esta progressando comunica muy bien sus studios y haciendo plannes para los investigadores.

Estoy bien animada para estar en rock port!!!!

so i am heading up north again the lord know what i need its amazing!
Translation of the above email:

Well this week was very good but we found we had many miracles which led us to people who needed us.

Sr. R wants to learn but not in COMMUNICATION well now. we had a lesson and feel the spirit even stronger after last time but could not take a lesson. Let's see if we can contact her tonight. Families last week between appointments do not want more then a week unless we leave but we had a lesson that would not let us pass ... :-/ Is very sad but we told them clearly is very important for your family to put time.

Then the sisters have a lot of work and will baptize in March!

Ready Sr. progressando communicates this very well and doing their studios plannes for researchers.

I'm fine animated to be in Rock Port!!

so i am heading up north again the Lord know what i need its amazing!


FEB 11, 2013
Hola! I am now in Rockport Texas it is the retirement place to bemaybe even where George Strait lives? Hmmmm I don't know :-)
My Branch mission leader said that many people come to serve here at
the end and I tried not to let them know when I am leaving but now
the less I am learning a lot here
I am companions with sis E again! Crazy huh? And well we have 5
weeks at least together then a round of sister missionaries are going
in 7? and the the next transfer like 8? so lots of sisters coming in
we figure one of us will be training. presidente invited all the
sisters to a training training. so who knows what will happen. The
lord is definitely preparing his people.
 The members here are fantastic even the high number of winter Texans
doesn't stop them from doing their missionary work. We are learning
how to work with people without changing them but understand where
they are and helping them grow from there its such a huge blessing.

And it is gosh darn beautiful. And lots of REAL Texans here. I love it :-D

MOre later, sis O


Sister O's mom forwarded this to us:

This is the translation from the below email:


Well this week we had much success in finding. I was fine that these people were despuesta to listen and read and then assist in the start but when the next appointment had not committed to asist. This week we will ensure your best interest for us to count and plan better for people who want to listen.

We had some miracles seiendo response to a sister who wanted to know if you will see your beloved dog again. We said yes of course it is. and soul as with 40 and 3 Nephi 27 help you to see how it's going to see you again. this week P not attend church because I was in San Antonio but today we will help you plan to asist better understand God's plan for her.

A family had another good week filled with a sister who gave birth to her new son and when we were there because she had contractions .... and then if they are interested in and we will see if they will act.

We try hard to have lessons with members present investigators but what we did was less active lessons with a member present. It was good but we hope this week is that families will disappear pocito progressar this coming week.

Tambein with P Sr. had the oppurtunity to serve and to work with them between your area and ours. I think it was fine by Sister Ready because I had the oppurtunity to have more of a balance with your partner. This week I have the goal of helping you continue to open more espceialmente in contacts. She knows but sometimes that does something and decidioms I had better to do it with more balance.

I will talk less! and because I hope that what I say will be more important and powerful with the power of God.

The six pages of the Book of Mormon help me a lot. I love those. so much so often mourn. I love the book of soul.
(I have been reading the 6 pages so that i Increase my knowledge and finsih it in english before i leave the mission field) 
Everyday something fun or crazy happens! Like yesterday I did not go to church! eek! I got the chance to stay home with the other companionship's sick sister so the other two sisters got to go. It was quiet exciting Because nothing worked out the whole weekend like we had planned but had a great time trying to figure it all out anyway.

Something cool I was Able to do was read my patriarchal blessing and a conference talk and then the elders Brought the sacrement over. When They said the prayers in English one of them came Accidentaly said ... wine so I had to start over ... oh and my watch timer went off the bread During prayer, need less to say it was not perfect but I did feel the spirit even though the house was gorgeous or what not I still felt the cleaning power of the Sacrement. I think That will always stay with me in case I get to take care of other sick people. I know Christ heals us. Thank goodness for That blessing.


Pues en esta semana tuvimos mucho exito en encontrando. Estuve bien por que estas personas estaban despuesta a escuchar y leer y pues en la empieza asistir pero cuando tuvimos las proxima cita no comprometieron para asisitir. Esta semana vamos a asegurarnos mejor de su interes para que podamos contar y planear mejor para las personas que quieren escuchar.

Tuvimos algunos milagros de seiendo la respuesta a una hermana por que queria saber si va a ver su perrita amada otra vez. Dijimos que si claro que si. y pues con alma 40 y 3 nefi 27 le ayudamos para ver la manera de como va a verle otra vez. esta semana no pudia asistir a la iglesia por que estaba en San Antonio pero hoy vamos a ayudarla a planear a asisitir entender mejor el plan que Dios tiene para ella.

Una otra familia tuvieron la semana bien llena con una hermana que dio la luz a su nuevo hijo y pues cuando estabamos alli ella tuvo contractions.... y pues si ellos tienen interes y vamos a ver si van a actuar.

Intentamos fuertemente para tener lecciones a investigadores con miembros presentes pero lo que logramos era lecciones con los menos activos con un miembro presente. Estuvo bien pero esperamos que esta semana esta familias que desaparecieron pocito que van a progressar esta semana que viene.

Tambein con Hna P tuvimos la opurtunidad de servir y hacer trabajo con ellos entre su area y nuestra. Creo que estaba muy bien por la Hna Ready por que tenia la opurtunidad de tener mas de un balance con su companera. esta semana tengo la meta de ayudandole a continuar abriendo mas espceialmente en los contactos. Ella sabe pero a veces no lo hace por que yo lo algo y decidioms que sera mejor para hacer lo con mas balance.

Voy a hablar menos! y pues espero que lo que digo sera mas importante y potente con el poder de dios.

Las 6 paginas del libro de mormon me ayudan bastante. las me encantan. hasta el punto de llorar muchas veces. Me encanta el libro de alma.
(I have been reading the 6 pages so that i increase my knowledge and finsih it in spanish before i leave the mission field)
Everyday something fun or crazy happens! Like yesterday I didn't go to church! eek! I got the chance to stay home with the other companionship's sick sister so the other two sisters got to go. It was quiet exciting because nothing worked out the whole weekend like we had planned but had a great time trying to figure it all out anyway.

Something cool I was able to do was read my patriarchal blessing and a conference talk and then the elders brought the sacrement over. When they said the prayers in spanish one of them accidentaly said vino... wine so he had to start over... oh and my watch timer went off during the bread prayer, need less to say it was not perfect but I did feel the spirit even though the house was gorgeous or what not I still felt the cleaning power of the sacrement. I think that will always stay with me in case I get to take care of other sick people. I know Christ heals us. Thank goodness for that blessing.


Esta semana estuvo bien por que pudimos recibir y trabajar con referencias de miembros. Estuvo bien por que quieren aprender. Con las referencias estuvimos menos claro de las expectativas entonces no pregressaron esta semana. Pero con la otra estuvimos bien claro y ella queria actuar. Y ahora tiene fetcha bautismal! Es bonita los milagros que hay aun en las ultimas horas de la semana.

Algo mas que nos ayudo mucho es no ser "robots" o sea no hacer la obra sin nuestra personalidad y esta nos ayudo para disfrutar y ayudar las personas a entender nuestro proposito mas rapido por que nos confiamos mas.

Algo mas bonita de esta semana es el amor que sentia al trabajar. cuando las personas rechazaron el mensaje mi corazon se quebranto. y teniamos que continuar sin cesar de la diligencia en buscando. Al buscar y trabajar mas sentimos mas de la presencia del espiritu guiandonos. Y cuando los ultimos momentos vinieron con la guia y con la motiva de amando las personas la semana terminada bien.

Tambien una familia menos activo vino a la iglesia ahora es dos veces en dos meses entonces estan progressando. y su hijita le gusto la primaria. y reconectaron con unas personas que no sabiamos que les conocen por que les ayudaron para ser miembros hace tres anos. entonces ellos van a venir con nosotros para visitarles esta semana.

estamos mejorando y esta pasando bien.

I love the mission. I will be here 18 more days president trayner allowed me to extend! Its amazing that I get to grow in just a few more days of service I am so excited to continue growing.
And i learned from the elders that i had to be more humble because they came in worked with us looking for people and they said wow this area is great! and I think i may have needed that call to repentance of attitude!
Love Sister O

(Complements SisterO's Mom & Google Translate)

This week was good because we were able to receive and work with references to members. It was good because they want to learn. With references were less clear on the expectations then there pregressaron this week. But with the other were very clear and she wanted to act. And now fetcha baptismal! It's nice that there are still miracles in the last hours of the week.

Something else that helped us a lot is not "robots" that is not doing the work without our personality and this helped us to enjoy and help people understand our purpose faster because we trust more.

Something more beautiful this week is his love to work. when people rejected the message my heart broke. and we had to continue unabated diligence in searching. When looking more and work harder to feel the presence of the spirit guiding us. And when the last moment came with the guidance and with the motivation of loving people the week ended well.

Also a less active family came to church now twice in two months then are progressando. and her daughter liked the primary. and reconnected with some people who did not know that I know that helped them to become members for three years. then they will come with us to visit them this week.

we are improving and going well.
I love the mission. I will be here 18 more days president trayner allowed me to extend! Its amazing that I get to grow in just a few more days of service I am so excited to continue growing.
And i learned from the elders that i had to be more humble because they came in worked with us looking for people and they said wow this area is great! and I think i may have needed that call to repentance of attitude!
Sister Love O


Edinburg! Love it! its my waters of mormon msh 18:30
Hola Familia!

Esta semana me encanto la pelicula (forever strong) por que ya es algo especial para mi. Tengo este deseo siempre para estar en el equipo del Senor y cuan amoroso es para recordar y reaplicar las cosas para ser los meros meros (sp? los que son los mejores!) por el cuarto misionero.

Esta semana un hombre del barrio de ingles perdio su fiance y pues era pocito dificile para mi por que senti bien triste que no se bautizo antes. Yo se que soy responsable por que no se bautizo. y pues con mucha oracion y llorando entendi que cristo me perdona por que no puse todo. ahora siento aun mas deseo de ayudar todos. No quiero ver alguien mas fallecer y no hice todo mi parte para ayudarles a entender el evangelio restaurado. Si el evangelio mi familia no pudia ser mas cerca a la vida eterna como somos ahora. Esto es lo que es mi profundo deseo para todos mi hermanos. Yo se que no soy perfecta y no pudo hacer esta obra sin Dios. di todo a el. no pudo batellar mas no vale la pena. y siento mas paz ahora de algun tiempo antes en mi vida. Todavia tengo arrepentirme mucho y yo se que esta bien por que tengo la opurtunidad de creecer a lo que El quiere.

encontramos! y todos se pusieron a estar enfermos el sabado y domingo... que extrano. :-) Vamos a bautisar.

Tuvimos intercambios y la hna m y yo estuvimos en mi area con el enfoca de encontrar una familia y escuchar en todos los aspectos. El espiritu nos ayudo para reconocer cosas para mejorar como compartiendo el tiempo cuando hablamos en contactos o lecciones. Le ayudamos para practicar communicacion con la hna p para que cuando no entiende o no siente lo mismo como ella que la hna m puede preguntar la hna p para explicar como llego a es plan para que los dos estan en la misma pagina. lo practicamos para confirmar planes que tuvimos en el intercambio.

Esta semana tambien concocemos muchos enactivos. y pues vamos a ayudar sus familias a regressar y bautizar. La hna p no asistio entonces vamos a ensenarle acerca de el albedrio vamos a ver si quiere continuar en evangelio.

Siento mucho amor por estes barrios.

Soy una misionera que hace la voluntad de Dios.

Con amor,
Hermana O

Edinburg! Love it! its my waters of mormon msh 18:30
Hello Family! 

This week I loved the movie (forever strong) that it is something special for me. I have this desire to always be on the Lord's team and how lovely it is to remember things and reapply for the honchos (sp? Those are the best!) For the fourth missionary.

This week a man from the neighborhood of English and therefore lost his fiance was pocito dificile for me because I felt very sad that no baptism before. I know I am not responsible for christening. and then with much prayer and crying understanding that Christ forgives me because I did not put everything. Now I feel even more desire to help everyone. Do not want to see anyone else die and I did my part to help them understand the gospel restored. If the gospel Pudia my family be closer to eternal life as we are now. This is what is my deep wish for all my brothers. I know I'm not perfect and could not do this work without God. I gave everything to him. batellar failed but not worth it. and feel more peaceful now than any time before in my life. Still I have a lot and I regret that it's okay because I have the oppurtunity to creecer to what He wants.

find it! and all began to be sick on Saturday and Sunday ... Strange. :-) Let bautisar.

Had my exchanges and Sister I were in my area with the focus on finding a family and listen in all aspects. The spirit helped us to recognize things to improve as spending time in contact when speaking or lessons. We help you to practice with Sr. COMMUNICATION p so that when you do not understand or do not feel the same as she who can ask Sr. Sr. m p to explain how it came to plan for the two are on the same page. practice to confirm what we had plans in the exchange.

This week also concocemos many enactive. and then going to help their families and baptize regressar. The p hna not attend then we will teach you about the agency we will see if he wants to continue in gospel.

I feel much love for Estes neighborhoods.

I am a missionary who does the will of God.

With love,
Sister O
Forever strong super great movie. we watched it on new years after hours of preparation Including a good 2.58 hours of soccer
Then the grilled food on the lawn (that is How They do it here in texas! Christmas events) it was super fun, i felt really spoiled. It was nice.

I love you family!
Also something I discovered I eat and did not realize what it was: churizo = cow glands .... delicious with eggs Who would have thought?


Algo muy especial! Mi sobrina va a ser bautisado ! Estoy muy agradecida por los misioneros del barrio y el obispo y Dios y mi hermano por que todo combinado es como esa va a pasar bien. Es bonito.... las bendiciones de la mision. :-)
Esta semana pasada en Edinburg como distrito ayunamos y fijamos plannes para apoyar uno al otro como companerismos con este ayuno y con mandando mensajes de los milagros que hemos visto y pues hemos encontrado personas especiales.
Una hermana P esta dispuesta para bautizarse y sentio el espiritu que el 27 de enero sera preparada. Tiene que casarse y pues poner Dios enfrente de su novio. entonces vamos a ver. Tambien por medio de ella hoy ayudamos a sus hermanos a querer a bautizarse. Entonces las escrituras poderosas les ayudaron mucho.
Las escrituras me encantan tanto. pues eternamente. y me encanta como Dios tiene el orden de como recibir las bendiciones. con los mandamientos y todo. como el tiene bendiciones esperando solemente necessitamos actuar para recibir las cosas.
Nos dimos cuenta del poder de seguir el espiritu por hablando con todos. Me gusta la opurtunidad de ser muy clara con la gente. aprendi que dios tiene el poder de guiarnos con tiempo precisio cuando lei la historia en cuando ammon estaba buscando por la gente de zeniff (mosiah 7) pero anduvieron errantes por 40 dias. recibieron la ayuda de dios para andar y contart las personas exactemente cuando estaban preparados y sufficientemente humilides para recibir las bendiciones de dios. las personas que conocemos estan alli por una razon y pues tengo aun mas ganas a encontrar la razon.
Les amo mucho gracias por la fiesta y kia kaha!
hna o
love you!

(compliments of Google Translate)

Something very special! My niece will be BAPTIZED! I am grateful for the missionaries of the neighborhood and the bishop and God and my brother that all combined is like that will happen either. It's nice .... blessings of the mission. :-)
This past week in Edinburg as we fast and look plannes district to support each other as companionships with this fast and texting the miracles we have seen and as we have found special people.
A sister P is willing to be baptized and spirit Sentio that will be ready Jan. 27. You have to get married and then put God in front of her boyfriend. then we'll see. Also through it today help their brothers to want to be baptized. So powerful scripture helped them a lot.
The scriptures I love both. ever since. and I love how God has the order as the blessings. the commandments and all. as has blessings waiting solemente necessitamos act for things.
We realized the power of following the spirit by talking to everyone. I like the oppurtunity to be very clear with people. I learned that God has the power to guide us with precisio time when I read the story when Ammon was looking for people Zeniff (Mosiah 7) but they wandered for 40 days. received God's help to walk and contart exactemente people when they were ready and sufficientemente humilides to receive the blessings of God. the people we meet are there for a reason and because I have even more desire to find the reason.
I love you so much thanks for the party and kia kaha!
Sister o
love you!

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