Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Sunday 11/18/2012

Week I'm not sure of E South.
My new companion's name is Sister E, California girl, we both like to drive with the wind in our hair expect when its cold :-) We both had the same trainer sis M so we pretty much already love each other and we just are really similar and strengthening each other is easy. She has diabetes and various food allergies so we get to eat healthy together. She has definitely been sent here at this time. And I know we are together for a reason I just know its going to be a December full of people's lives changing and being baptized!
We had so many miracles this week but one I'll tell you about is about how everyone is ready to listen to some part of the restored gospel and God works in mysterious ways. We were in the parking lot of the church waiting for the key to open it and a man with two big dogs walks up to us. We talk a little about him but mostly we just invited him to church he lives like 1 min walk from it and goes by it all the time. So he said sure. We won't be teaching him but we just kept inviting him to church and well he came and brought his roommate and her kids. So we find out somewhere along the way that this women had almost got baptized a different time. She knew it was true she prayed that if it was meant to be that she would be brought back to the church by someone another time in her life. WOW prayer answered. I don't know how long it took but God knows who is ready.
Don't forget the simple easy thing it is to invite someone to church. What's the worst thing that could happen? they say no? But then its okay just don't be afraid to just invite people to come see the restored gospel for themselves.
Keep up the prayers the Lord is pouring out his miracles and blessings upon Texas 
Sister O

Hermana O.
200 W. LaVista Ave
McAllen Tx 78501

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10/5 - Edinburg Week 8

This week we had a bit of a rough time planning makes the difference in every thing and last week we didn't have a great planning session so this week we made it super spiritual so that we knew that the preparations are inspired.
We are doing our best effort everyday to follow the spirit and yet there is always more! As a mission we fasted this last Sunday.
We are also doing a purification challenge as zone and that means we made personal lists of things that stop of from feeling the spirit or things that "poke at our spirit" and we are praying everyday to live a plan we made individually on Sunday. Every night we report to God how we did on the list and ask forgiveness and then also the next morning we pray and ask for his help again.
I realized my list was all to help the inside of my head :-) I am working now to clean out every negative thing in there. I am obliterating judging others and now I putting in habits of praying and thinking of how I can best spend the Lord's time. It all connected to faith in myself and also faith in God. Both are difficult when I keep thinking myself down. So I am happy to say I am now recognizing these things better then ever and trying my hardest to GET RID OF THEM. Light can not dwell in darkness and I am trying so hard to clean out my mind so the light of Christ can shine freely through me and my actions.
Its life changing . I am so grateful for the chance to change and repent and remember God is giving every opportunity to become the best me.
Love Hermana O.

Monday, November 5, 2012

10/29 E south week 6 or 7?

Buenos dias!
Esta semana tuvimos varios milagros y encontramos familias! Tuvimos la opurtunidad de ensenar familias!
We found and taught families this week :-D What a miracle! We are working on helping them progress to baptism and with even more specific prayers its all going to come about.
This week I was reminded various times of the awareness the Lord has of each of us. He sends us when we are needed and he lets us know He's there in vaious repetitious ways.
I was reminded or told in a blessing of healing (because I am still getting over the cough but its almost gone), by a person, by the talks in three different wards that God is always aware of us. The Spirit testified to me that my Heavenly Father is aware of me. I am now trying my hardest to continue in following Him. The same way God tries to help us so much we have to try so hard to follow Him. I am grateful that this week we were able to meet families.
I prayed specifically before we got out to work that the people that were ready to listen and learn and progress to baptism at this time would ask us questions not just us coming to them with our message but that they would ask us the questions first God has blessed us to find and teach various people with this miracle and I am so grateful he answers prayers. I pray that all the prayers this week for the Family B, G, S and Sis L pray for them that they will be open and ready to commit to baptism. And please pray for Sis D and I that we will be able to listen to the spirit and follow it so that these families will accept the message of la restauracion de el evangelio y  progressar!!!
I don't run at night but in the morning its super dark :-)
I love you!!!!
-SIster O