Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OH como dulce es la obra 3/26/12

I am leaving Wednesday and being transferred.
I hear great things about my future companion Sis C. (excited to meet her :-D)
Oh how sweet is the work. 
I've seen countless simple but guided by the spirit miracles here.
Including the witness of the ability of people to conquer the temptations and fear of today. 
People live and love and share all their good and how grateful am I to have witnessed it! 
I will miss [this area] but I think I will be back (I hope sooooo!) 

I am so grateful for Ether 12:27 this week and I know it is true.

love sister O :-D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 12, 2012

Some Q&A

Can you print theses letters I send you?  Should I print it out and send it to you?
-I can but I don't have time

Hope you got your pkg I sent last week and your enjoyed getting it.
-loved the package!!! I do need a banana bread recipe por favor!

So here is the info on the pictures this week is short on time sorry! 

first is the great family!!!
second is our district before the changes were both our elders left and got a new district leader and ya
third we helped the g family paint their house! i was covered like always and they thought i was a professional! (thank you YSA service projects)


***Can't Get the Pics to upload - will add them ASAP ***


Oh just that a lady was moving and her daugfhter who is now a model , had a bunch of stuff to give away and she let the sister missionaries have first dibs and my comapnion pretty much got a bunch of cute clothes for after the mission like a whole new sunday wardrobe of super expensive stuff its crazy!! and the lady's taste is very refined so i thought you'd all like it :-)

Thank you for the package- is there a story behind the jewelry & ties & purses?
Luv u

March 5, 2012

Brother G is getting baptized this weekend! A part member family has the chance to be whole finally after 9 years of work and labor of many missionaries the father of a family is finally being baptized. He keeps saying its my companion and I and we keep telling him it all him and Heavenly Father. The timing was just amazing. My companion Sister m. (who will be with me and i with her for another transfer here) thought of the first time it all started. He was mowing their lawn and we just invited him to listen and he was like okay sure. So we cae back and met with his wife but kept inviting him and eventually this... he always makes sure his kids are sitting on the couch listening and then for church they are together and woah!!!! He is just ready... And I just don't know how to say it other then Doctrine and Covenants 45:62 He has so much awaiting him!!! YEAR = TEMPLE!!! (ps everyone should see elizabeth smart in people magazine they talk aabout temples and such the sister missionary couple showed us don't worry!)
So yes miracles are happening hwere we just have to work hard to keep up with it all! :-D otherwise we back track.
So purifcaion continuing as a companionship and we're leaving earlier from the apartment because I am officially not a greenie :-) on paper that is at heart always!!! Green things grwo ;-D
Love you all!!!!
-Sister O

Feb 27, 2012

Hola Familia de mi!

OKay thank you all for all you do! thank you for the letters :-) thank you all for any letter or package you ever sent me :-D And thank you all for all the prayers and love I love you all!!!

And Hi mom! thank you for writing on my lunch box or napkin when you made my lunch it was great :-) i plan to do that to my kids :-)

okay 1 story 1 scripture and ya!

2 Nefi 22:2

just so powerful and straight forward.

A goal I have for this week... not being clamourous. not glamorous but clamourous... o algo asi. 
Its going to be hard at soccer/frisbee today but hey its okay i need to learn to be normal level of voice.

So some stories and partly why i asked for a cookie recipe! I made some cookies and well they tunred out way liquidie and so i put more flour in and it was still way sticky and so I cooked um and they ended up being little balls because I put so much flour in them. :-D but they tasted fine and I didn't even overload them with chocolate so it was a success! 
side note I make a mean apple cinamon german pancake! yes just wait til you get to try it! its pretty much what we eat on sunday mornings now :-) one of the few experiments that have become a success. 
anyways so I made these cookies for us and less actives so we made them gave some to a family and then asked them to give some to two other families becuase "we didn't have time to take them" it was really becuase memebers get scared to help some times and just need easy ways to do it :-)
so this memeber was great she tok them to the ppl and made better friends with an investigator. and then with the less active she took the cookies too she told her "these are from the missionaires" (uh oh!) and the less active was like why didn't they bring them? and our memeber thought quickly and was like because i get to see you and the less active went from suspicious to happy. Members have so much power!!! go and do!

and then another family we've been trying to teach that is friends with the less active found out I made her cookies and now they want some! jeez who would have known that extra flour/ cake-ie like cookies would be a thing to have so much clamour over! ;-)

LOVE YOU MOM! And tell everyone else I love them! I sent out packages to you, all the kids that live in utah, and grandma and ya just warning you they are coming! divide them how you'd like!

funny thing all you boys out there getting ties apparently they are really great ties becuase the elders out here make a big deal and they gave me some good ones I hope you enjoy! and whoever gets the tweed one send me a picture!

Feb 20, 2012

Thanks mom I did get my package and my shoes are fine I feel great in everything I've not had problems like hurting feet or blisters but I do have a car
thank you for knowingf that I was almost out of nutella.
thank you for praying for me!
I was wondering could I have a recipe for choc chip cookies? I made them this week and I didn't really know what I was doing. so I put too much flour becasue the base liquid stuff was too liquidy...
I know my Heavenly Father live and Christ His son does too. I love the Book of Mormon and I know Joseph Smith was called of God to be a prophet in thsese the latter days. would like to hear folds of testimonies of the Book of Mromon and Jospeh Smith :-)
I love you all!!!!!!
Sister O

Feb 13, 2012

Este semana fue bien.

this week was good but can i just say how powerful our leaders are!!!! we had training this week two days in a row and well it was blow your socks off good. we had p-day monday and tues and wed we had 8 or so  to 5 ish of traiing with a food break or two and such and golly gosh it just so simple and yet applying it is the challenge! if it was all easy everyone would do it... anyway. our Assistants are like god like missionaries and we just kind of bask in the rays for a couple of hours then practice our selves then learn more.

Anyway!!! so for that we have a bunch of challenges to do and that included places a book of mormon the night of the first traiing day and then sharing stories the next day.

We found some potentials and ya 

funny story we were doing role plays and we had to practice teaching to the investigator's level and i was an 11 year old girl who was learning about the law of chastity and well all three elders well they did their best it was great! then I had to teach a 64 year old widow with a girl renting at his house... that was great!!!! I got to help him to decide because he loves his wife so much that he would help the girl find a new place to live and then get a boy to rent from him so he could be siempre listo por vida eterna con su esposa!!!

Yeah! And we have a super sweet sister that is named R. and she just wants her husband here for the baptism and she'll do it! so hopefully 3/5/12... before transfers and her husband is going to be back from work from IOWa if the Lord wills it and her faith and our faith combined with fasting (which we're going to teach her) and golly she'll be rock solid in the gospel!!! Lots of praying

WELL I love you all!!!!

ps isn't our zone just wonderful!!!!

and aren't we all just the cutest!! sis R, me, sis m., sis h (we tried to match but alas all our greens were different!)

Feb 6

I'm doing good and we have been roughing it a little in Texas. Unfortunately we've got people that are good that aren't commiting themselves to baptism. They are good women, rocio y evelyn y aishah. but they just have all these excuses! time is so precious but I also know that they will recieve the things they need when they are ready... but sometimes they just need that little extra faith. 
So a lot actually lately I have seen others baptizing and wonder why we've not been able to yet, but I learned from my companion this week that i can't compare myself to others because other wise I get prideful for being jealous and such. she's really good at noticing things and then tlaking to me about them. Like Ihow I was talking negative instead of talking with the hope that i have. Its been a lot of that just kind of hope and smash hope then smash.... AND  there is always hope!!! 
So I have been watching what i say because I know that affects ppl's outlook on my work and such.

Something that has surprised me lately is ya we're taking the numbers down and recording and increasing our abilities but i also have learned that I need to be on good terms with the lord in order to work at all. If you don't have the Spirit ye shall not teach so I've been learning that I have some strengths in like happiness and weaknesses in doubting my strengths or the strength of the Lord. If I don't trust in myself then I don;t trust in Him because he trusts me to be here and work so that's where I'm at.

-Hermana O

Jan 30, 2012 #2

This week was great we got a new misionera in our apartment and she is great. Sis H. at church yesterday I was talking to a lady and she said her daughter said look mom I can be a missionary someday too! Because they both have blonde hair (the sister missionary and the little girl) cute huh? well it s true our examples of work are so important and they change the lives of people without us knowing it.

But really fast skim of the week. We dropped all but one of our investigators and the one we kept doesn't have a BD but we asked her to read the Book of Mormon and then pray about the 26th of Febuary, she's had a lot of oppostition but she still continues to study and such. She's powerful and adorable but I just keep praying for her to recieve that witness from the Spirit because without that she doens't have half of what she needs for baptism! (baptism by fire!)

I challenge everyone to read the Book of Mormon daily in their homes with whoever is there. Let the Book of Mormon purify you! I know that the profecies and docterines in the Book of Mormon of truly the fulness of the gospel. In other words the book is such a blessing take advantage of it. without a testimony of the Book of Mormon you are missing out on the fulness of the gospel. ReAD, STUDY, PONDER, AND PRAY. Just like our investigators and us missionaries need too :-D

-Hermana O

Jan 30th

my apartment is good. sis m. is my trainer for the next 4.5 weeks. There was a transfer but the sister that came in is from the mtc and so i'm not the newest and well we going running every morning now, 

Catch Up

We'll be playing a bit of catch up with Sister O's letters!  Lots of posts coming :)