Monday, September 17, 2012

September 10, 2012

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I kind of feel 22? Sort of?

My week had been okay. Learned a lot yesterday from a companion study with the District leader. About taking care of the sheep we have so God knows he can trust us with more.
We don't have any "investigators " but once Bro G believes in himself and trusts God he'll know the gospel is enough to help him in all the commandments. 

That is actually a starter for today I want to bear my birthday testimony.
I am a blessed daughter of an eternal Father. He loves me enough to bless me with the treasures (that come in treasure boxes that sometimes look like trials with the locks and such :-D )
I know that God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. I know His eternal power is on the earth upon the mantel of His prophet Thomas S Monson. I know God uses imperfect people to do his imperfect work. I know I am imperfect. I know am progressing and I know I choose happiness.
I love that every choice has a consequence and that its not easy to find treasure. I do know the more we look for treasure (ie read scriptures, pray, immerse yourself in all good things that you have already) we can find more. What more can he give that we don't already have? We must recognize what we have so we can treasure it and then give thanks and then in his great mercy he helps us find even more treasures.
I love my brothers and sisters. I love them imperfectly but I want to do so perfectly. I am so thankful for time and for time past. Time is spelled L-O-V-E. :-D thank you for all the time and love you've given me.
Thank you mom for all you do! 
LOve you!
Sister O.

Texas McAllen Mission
200 W. LaVista Ave
McAllen Texas 78501


How's your companion this week?  She is doing better :-) Just still has to be cautious with medicine and everything and so i got to do splits with members and see miracles with them.

We have some really great potentials that we're working with. I really think brother G will get an answer soon! I know that some families in the branch are so powerful that they will be finding more missionary opportunities as we move forward. We're going to visit and help them get excited for that! this month's theme in the branch is serve your neighbor so they'll get the chance to serve and hopefully feel inspired to invite them to learn or enjoy something as a family.

There is a really sweet return missionary that we get to work with too because we are the closest sisters to her :-) and school for her doesn't start til January. So we're going to find and help some families prepare for baptism!

I am so excited for Sunday! Elder Holland is giving the CES fireside address!
I am fine just so thankful for everything. thanks for the package.  Everything is so great! 
Really the one thing I want for my birthday is letters and pictures of recent stuff (weddings birthdays school whatever) gimme paper and words over things any day :-)
love you mom! thanks again! you are wonderful!

Sister O.
Texas McAllen Mission
200 W. LaVista Ave
McAllen Texas 78501