Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week number... no se... 3? 2.7?

Week number... no se... 3? 2.7?  Oh well!
We sit around a ton.
Yup that's it...
Oh ya then we learn a ton!!!! We have a different schedule every day but the schedule is the same each week. So like mondays are the same and what not. We have three square giant meals a day. I get whatever looks good, a salad, and a desert or just chocolate milk. two cups of water and a fork knife and spoon. Sound exciting yet? :-) Its really not that much diffeent from the cannon and a byu dorm lifestyle wise. We have gym everyday excpet today thursday (p-day) and sundays. We have gym after meals and it varies on what time of day. We have class which is a mix of language leanring with a teacher and we have it for three hours straight. We split the hours up by language learning and progressive investigator learning and MTC/spiritual learning. The teachers are great and we laugh and learn and its way fun. we also have at least two hours a day of personal study which is our time to study in english any topic and i have used it for Book of Mormon reading and reviewing for lessons. Something one of the teachers said that sums up all the studying we do. The more we are focused on the purpose as missionaries and how we can help our investigator the studying will be guided. In other words as I study for myself-ish, it is ultimately for the investigator. Its like a double inspiration, I learn and grow in my life while I get to apply the same principles for the people I want to learn and grow in their lives. Its good. Oh ya and we have a Language study hour which is our own study of the lang and then an hour at the TALL lab that is computer program with studying the language stuff.
So this week Elder Stephen Hallstrom of the 70 spoke to us and it was great. He talked about becoming the missionary that we can be and letting a mission really be the best thing in our lives. It was great and his wife spoke about exact obedience and it was grand. All good stuff! Someone spoke on Sunday and it was good too, but i don´t remeber who. I am sure it was good. On tuesday at choir we sang precious savior its a great song.
Not so great news: two elders from our zone left yesterday. Its sad but true.
Well friends and family ciao and write if you have any questions! My goal is to write back anyone who writes me!
PS I see missionaries and random ppl I know everywhere its fun
with love and prayers,
Hermana O

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The MTC experience

So I realized I grossly under described the experience called the MTC. Or CCM for us spanish speakers. So here I go again with only 16 minutos to do it justice.
You get throw in right away getting your bags to your room get your picture taken then off to class. My teacher wasted no time literally He spoke in Spanish pretty much 2/3 of the class and only english near the middle end. Is good though. I know my bro in law said that just hearing it helps and it does. Things start clicking a little faster if its well... shoved down to your brain. However, there is plenty I have to study. Obviously!
A little about my district. 9 ppl currently. 3 hermanas (my companions) and 6 elders. All but one are going to Texas McAllen. The odd ball is leaving in two weeks for Spain's MTC for Spanish Mission... Barsalona?
My companions are great: one from sandy one from bountiful. We;re teaching an investigator which is really our teacher but we weren't really suppose to know? Its kind of a new thing and its pretty cool cuz we will be teaching him for another week or so before we'll ever meet him as our teacher. for now he is our investigador.
Tuesday we had our first devotional guess who came? Elder Richard G Scott. He was amazing and I was in the choir so I got a great seat. Hermana H. from my old BYU ward was a  soprano with me while mis companeras were altos. But ya its great. He taught a ton but the things I got were: I am in my own place at this time and I get the chance to become better from where I am at, the censure? or correction comes from the spirit and to be a better missionary I am trying to find the areas where i can improve spiritually. Its all bout being converted myself. How powerful a truth that is! First seek to obtain my word. It was great. He also did he usual pl;ug for missionaries to keep in mind the goals after a mission of marriage and how this mission preapres for that and diligently seeking an eternal companion will be good, it may not be right away but it will be good. So ya as always he was great very down to earth.
There are some great leaders and teachers here at the MTC so many that challenge us to strech our selves and then others that give us the chance to be ourselves and feel the spirit work through us. All of it is amazing.
One last thing,.... everyday sorts of things. The weather has gotten cold at night and in the morning so we are lucky our classes and dorms are in the same building. Meals are good always eat plenty and listen to my stomach :-)
At gym time I go outside as long as its not a super cold morning. I have played volleyball literally every gym. Outside in the warm sand like around mid day is perfecto! and then the one time I played inside i did one forward dive and my knees got skinned up and raw in two small circles so its hard to kneel. But i love having fun with my zone and the other zone that is outside with us. Hermana S. is my dorm neighbor (she was my roommate in college) so that's cool.
We all sing in the shower after gym and my companions now have labeled me as the one that loves to sing and they love it when I serinade them! ha! all my family members that hate it when i sing a ton ha! well i don't sing all day just during service, showers, and apparently my companion hermana h. heard me singing in my sleep last night! oh well!
Well everyone I love you and good luck where ever and with whatever you are up too!
-Hermana O

First email from the MTC ...

My companeras is hermana G and H. ellas es simplicato? nice? egh anyway a little overwhelmed. the language will be good and i know i will have help will just take time. Ciao ask me some questions. um food is good

and well if you put this on the blog there is an elder that reminds me of elder orton nick. he is obsessed with sports and has a similar face and everything just that that was funny.
I have seen pretty much everyone i might know in the last twenty four hours and it was ppl i knew were here and ppl i had no clue were serving. Go sister missionaries. they are awesome! tis the season to serve :-)
Love you all.
I think I may miss you? hahaha I miss you guys. but I don't give much time to missing ya if that makes sense?
Nos vemos!
Hermana O

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Entering the MTC!

Sister O was to report to the MTC on October 12th at 1:10pm.  The morning began with delicious french toast from Kneaders, and continued with some last minute shopping and a pedicure with her mom and older sister.  Then everyone went to meet up at JDawgs.  We ordered our jdawgs, and were waiting for one last sibling to arrive, when he called.  He had been in a car wreck just a block away.  We woofed our food, and drove down 800n, and immediately saw a fire truck and ambulance ... and our brother's car smashed up.  It was 1pm, just 10 minutes before Sister O was supposed to be checked into the MTC.  Our brother was very blessed to be injury-free.  It felt like forever while we waited for paperwork to get filled out, and the other driver loaded up for a trip to the hospital (she said she felt "stiff" - we are hoping and praying that she is okay.)  

We finally arrived at the MTC just before 2pm.  Sister O was greeted by two Elders, who grabbed her bags.  We exchanged last-minute hugs, and then left as she headed to the building.  It was a crazy day!

So, Sister O is officially in training as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!  She will be learning Spanish over the next 9 weeks, which should be interesting!  She would also like everyone to know that she LOVES letters!

Sister O's mailing address (through December 12th)

Sister O
MTC Mailbox # 275
TX-MCAL 1212
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

If you need help spelling her name, leave a message with your email, and we'll get the correct spelling to you!

The family

Driving up to the MTC

Sister O's "host" Elders

Saying "see you later" to 5 month old niece

with little sister

Family hugs

With Mom

Sister O

Bye Sister O!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hermana O

This evening Hermana O. was officially set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  

This blog will be kept up to date by her awesome big sister ;-)

Hermana O. reports to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah this wednesday.  She'll work on learning espaƱol.

She would like me to ask for donations ... of letters!!!

Address will be posted in the morning.