Monday, June 25, 2012

24th June

We are being blessed working here en LE. We currently have no investigators. But we have potentials that are going to be baptized! (I know it!) I know the Lord has prepared this area over the last couple weeks. I am still learning! We found out about two families in our area: one is active and has missionary work to do, and one has been less active for 3 years and we have an FHE tonight with them to help them know we miss them and to help motivate the Dad and everyone to reactivate to baptize their 9 year old daughter!
I feel so blessed to work with the families here. When we ask the right questions they get motivated to work or they reveal that they have work they have already been doing (being great examples talking to people who answer questions). I feel blessed to see them sharing the gospel and helping their home a little at a time! \
Don't forget to open up to people and share a little taste with everyone you talk to, the gospel is true and Christ has restored His Church on the Earth again and people will know that its true with help; the truth rings within me and I know it will resonate within them.
I love you mom thank you for all your support!
-Sister O

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mon, Jun 18, 2012

I'm doing well! Living and learning!
Recently were had some great blessings from our members. One our Ward Mission Leader is now our Bishop, Bishop B. so great just really amazing. The week was good. We're working hard and we're going to work even harder. Its not easy but we're working to be even better every day.

A past-less active family just baptized their son on Sunday! High light of the week. The father was able to perform the baptism and I feel blessed to have visited them and see their progress :-) The V family. Two years then he can baptize his daughter too!
It really rang true to me how much the parents have to teach their kids its not easy but I just know its going to be my responsibility to help my family grow with a strong faith. I am grateful that I'm preparing for that now :-)
(Something random I just heard from a person at a diff computer "You are the cheese in my mac-oroni" oh dear) 
Also I just love the fire that the families here have for missionary work! One person described how she just feels like she can be doing more so we invited them to find a family to reactivate and a family to baptize. I am grateful for these blessings of these families.
I'm out of time but I love you mom!
I did receive the package! thanks mom! I love the binding but its doing okay with out it ;-) when Oct comes :-D hahaha thanks for thinking ahead!
Love you mom!
Usted es hermosa, bonita, diligente, y tiene la luz de Cristo. Continue a brillar!
-Hermana O

Mon, Jun 11, 2012

?How's your investigators?
We have a few. We have a lot of new potentials.
?Enjoying your new companion?
Ya she's great taught me a new recipe called Alligator Stew! Delicious.

?Do you speak in Spanish with her always?
need to speak Spanish always but sometimes I forget...  ya sometimes my head is upside down.

?Is your area new/different from the last companion? ?Did you move apartments?
I'm in the same area, same apartment, same bed, and same desk as the last 9 weeks. However! I did rearrange the desks before she got here. So I did some internal fung shue (sp?) so we didn'r have to turn for Companionship Study.
Crazy happening of the week the Bishop from one of the wards was changed! Now our ward mission leader is Bishop. Bishop B. He's just great! I was crying for gratitude for the old Bishop W and excitement for Bishop B all during sacrament meeting. It was great!
We had Zone Conference this past week! Heavenly trainings and talk about just feeling a lift from the unity of the Zone and such. Loved it.
I am trying not to count months so I almost forgot that I have 8 months tomorrow... Sister G is training again in the same area she started her mission in it is just crazy! If she finishes the training of Sis VD she'll have over half her mission in the same area. Its always interesting to see where the Lord wants us to be. I am learning to all day everyday in the people... Now I am going to work on lesson plans so I can help them better!
Alma 17:11 patience its one of the things I'm working on. Patience in finding and growing :-) For example Sis R has helped me to double my progress in Spanish (at least with the numbers of things I've passed off) Its great!
I love the scripture! It is so true the charity you grow for those you serve like Nephi. And then its so easy  to believe the words of the Book of Mormon when people learn from the Holy Ghost that the words are from Christ, the words of the book testify of Christ and are truly from Him because the Holy Spirit testifies of that truth :-)
Sigh -oh the power of the scriptures!
Love you mom!
I send my love everyone else too. and a hug... a virtual hug to the males and a real hug to the females.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Herman O. 6/4

Hermana O.
Texas Mc Allen Mission 
200 W. La Vista
McAllen , TX

Hola hola!
I am in la tierra prometida with Sister R. She is tall and looks kind of like me. Brown curly hair, but taller and more slender build... she didn't play basketball ever but if she looks like she should. She's from bountiful like Sis G and she's great and a powerful teacher.
 So two tall sisters were biking down the street of our area, three days!
Without being too informal, nuestras piedras estan como pedras (rocks...sp?). We rode a total of 8 miles one day which doesn't seem like much but for sisters its a lot. I have a tan and the redness in the cheeks is going away. I just hope I don't get cancer someday :-/

Our investigators are doing okay. We have had to prune a lot of people and now we have a lot of open time to find and its slow but we're being inspired of where to go and truly we are successful missionaries as we are learning to work together and help those around us.
I was blessed to have a reminder of God's love yesterday. During sacrament meeting the Bishop looks a lot and had the same spirit of love that Bishop C always excluded. I remembered the time when Bishop C came to our home and said "I had a feeling that I needed to come over and offer you a blessing" right before I headed out for California for jaw surgery. That blessing was written down by you mom if you remember and at night when it was super painful and I kept wishing I hadn't done the surgery, I pulled out the blessing and remembered that the Lord was always with me and that the pain would be a short time compared to the blessing. I know that the Lord sends His children to help His children. We are literally angels for people everyday.
"For as [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7)
I know our life has a purpose even if it is to babysit and give the time to someone else to bond with their spouse :-) or help others live out the rest of their days in the best comfort and love you can give them.
Love is never wasted. There is always a reward for those that have sacrificed.
I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that we are the lights on the shore for our brothers and sisters. I know that as we draw closer to our Father in prayer and study we can have more peace in our lives. I love these lessons of sacrifice. It is true and it is all worth it.
I love you Mom. Thank you for your example and grace.
To the friends and family you have been a blessing in my life thank you.
Sister O!
"Brightly beams our Father's mercy" so why shouldn't we?

Monday, June 4, 2012

May 29, Hermana O

?Are Your bikes just better than the Elders?
The Elder that made the comment about our bikes has been on his mission a while and I saw his bike today... ya ours are nicer, we also don't use near as often!

?Do you drive very much or Bike more?
We drive A LOT. And its all good until the end of the month comes and me and my companion get lost, have to turn around, habits got us stuck with asking for rides and riding bikes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll day tomorrow :-D
I'm excited! I hope my companion likes to bike :-)

?Do you have all your supplies for your 72 hour kit?
I have every thing but I will double check on the food for 72 hrs... see if its enough calories wise i think so.
Thank you for the inspiring words in your email. I loved it! I know you are running around a ton and such but I know that you are blessing the lives of some many! Don't forget that :-D
As for transfers.... dan dan dannnnn...
I am still in LE and Sister B is heading to C (she's gonna baptize a whole ward's worth of people!)
I am currently with Sis G and Sis VD (her new greenie adorable and powerful!) 
I am about to get a ride from a member to the church to pick up my new companion Sister R! 
She is taller then me and apparently looks a lot like me :-) She came in with Sister H and Sister B so it will be great!
Sister D didn't get baptized this past Sunday but we are going to try for this Sunday! 
Please prayer for Sister K she has a baptismal date of June 10th but she still hasn't said "yes" eegads! Miracles !!!
2 Nephi 6:3
BYE I LOVE You!!!!