Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 16, 2012

Mission Home address is:
200 W. LaVista
McAllen, Tx 78501

Okay I'm heading to L.E.
Lville is being whitewashed this week. 
Sisters are leaving and the Elders are coming in. Elder W. and M. 
They are just going to take off and burn up this place!!!!
Baptism by fire!
Well Sis C and I only had 3 weeks together but I know that we've had to rely on each other and complete the work we had here to do. 
I feel tired because of all the late nights and paper work, and I know I am stronger because of it. 
We knew we had a family to find but we haven't seen the fruits of our labors of this week. We were blessed to visit members/ less actives and such, 
-exactly when they were home or they had just barely gotten home and things like that. The Spirit guides! Even if the miles suffer :-D
We are still in the process of leaving the area with a map of all the members  (la rc pm and every type of person you can think of!) 
and we're giving these Elders all the tools we didn't have in order for the people here to have better help. 
I wish I could see all the miracles that they will witness! Someday I'll run them down and ask if we helped them at all :-) 
I know it will, I know that this short time here has been a blessing. Maybe I didn't get to know the members or many people but I am 
doing what I can to prepare the Elders and that's what matters!
Anyway I love reading about your life mom. I know that you are being blessed and guided in all that you do! Keep following the Spirit and serving. 
I am so grateful to have a mom that loves others so much and gives to them. Thank you for all you do mom!
Love Your Daughter,
Sis O.

April 9,2012

On Easter we went to church, helped some people get to church and then ate three Sunday meals in a row! 
Way bad on the stomach! The first meal- she like gave us two extra pieces of meat without asking and I was like okay, but after words I was like oh nooooooooo.....
ask same questions last week email was long to pres. talk to you later!  

We had a mid transfer because God wanted us too? Transfers for some visa waiters were the catalyst for some more transfers so ya.
6 months it is CRAZY!!!
I have so much to learn and yet I have to appreciate where I'm at and not get discouraged that I may not be able to reach what I wish I could. 
So its a balance of learning and trusting and yup :-)

Sis H. and Sis H.'s mom are great! -cool family. Sis H. and I are gonna be on a indoor soccer team someday... maybe ;-)

Keep it up mom! you are wonderful!

Love you and love everybody else too!!!!
email was long to pres. talk to you later!  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 2, 2012 Sunday General Conference weekend :)

My new companion is Sister C! I don't know my new address but I go to the office every week basically so just send mail to the office. 
The area is huge its two area that are put together but we're trying to get enough ppl in both to split it again so its huge. 
We have the smallest apartment I guess in the whole mission and its just Sis. C y yo.
Ya we were able to watch conference! at one point I tried to watch in Spanish and I got so distracted because it would start in English then 
the Spanish would come so my brain was ahhh! So I stopped and went back to English.

Thank you so much for your testimony mom! I actually wanted to ask everyone that this week,
How did you receive your testimony of Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon and the truthfulness of the gospel and the restored church of Christ?
I know as I listen this weekend I just was like wow, can I just take these and have this be the lesson for our investigators? Please! 
I am so grateful for the blessings of learning and inspiration and well there was peace that only God can give as I listened.

Well I have a huge area with my companion.
And Sis C. is great, she and I have a lot of work to do. Its great getting this area working again and getting the members more aware of what 
we are here to do help them and to help them help us. We are so blessed!

Sis C. is the sweetest she reminds me a lot of you and E, like really good at cute-sy stuff.
She likes to cook and she likes too communicate. And just kind of a confirmation that  I am suppose to be here -she knew I was coming? 
She thought about my name even though I didn't know her -she and I met for like 5 seconds once. 
She was just praying for me and such, because she didn't realize her companion was going to get transferred, BUT ya blessings. 
She  has 4 months more then me -so her and I combined, equals one of sisters!  
We just had as jr companion's 4months so we're young together, its pretty intense! 
But she is great -lots of power and we're already working on supporting each other.

Other then that oh ya... my second night here we planned in the bathroom because of tornado winds and being cautious next to the windows. 
It was great, we sweated a lot and well we were safe. The next day we went and cleaned up the glass at ppl's houses and it is just crazy 
how some ppl got affected and others were like huh what happened last night? But ya everyone is safe and good :-D
Then conference was just great!
Love you all!!! I am going to try and get some letters written today :-)
I love you mom!
I love you all family and friends! I am listing you all in my head and I hope you feel the love!
~Sister O.