Friday, July 27, 2012

July 23, 2012

Its true as I prepare to teach all these people I learn so much first!

? So how was your week in Corpus Christi?
It was a good week we have a couple that we have preparing for baptism and most of the week our thoughts are with them but we didn't find new investigators. We realized how powerful our tiny branch is when so many were at church on Sunday and what a blessing that was!
If you could pray for Sis N and Bro B. it would be appreciated!

? Who is your companion?
My companion is Hna R. Ella le gusta perros y es un fashiontista (tiene precision con como mira ella es muy bonita)
? Where is she from? she is from the same city you were born in!!! I thought that was cool :-) and yet she's mexican (long story ask me after my mission :-) )

? Address? ummmm .....pues en corpus I'll try and send it in una carta esta semana
Congrats to L, I better get some pictures of all these weddings! (k, every body in fresno/slc or whatever! ) 
hehehe Presidente asked how is your family and all I could say was good! I got to see more pictures or something
:-D hahaha no just I love you all I'm so grateful for your prayers!
Our lessons on Sunday were a lot about gratitude, I am so thankful to be a missionary and each and everyone of you have helped me to be here. Thank you for all you have done and you continue to do, I feel your love and sacrifice. Love you all!
-Sister O.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16

CC is great.
The members are varied but mostly beach lovers and well just as excited to share the gospel as we  are. We are so blessed to have people who have seen the blessing of the gospel in their lives and we are helping them to recognize the power and blessing of bringing others.

This week we've been challenged to talk to everyone and the Spirit has guided us to some great people who are just ready. With hard work we were able to bring two new investigators to church :-D The Branch here is small and powerful. And I don't understand why God has blessed us with this much success, but I am grateful he is merciful. I think that with love enough to do the things he asked us to (obediencia) and to desire his will and to PLAN! I know all the plans we made to work out but I have seen that plans give us the chance to open the windows of Heaven and have guidance. Not my will but the Lord's. I still have so much to work on in all of these things but I am grateful again for the mercy of the atonement and the chance to grow.
I know if we try and invite everyone near us at least one person is going to say yes. Please tell me if you find someone in the grocery store or something! I found an older gentleman here at the Library who would have known trying to ask for computer help would have led to finding out his daughter is a member is part Indian and has served a mission... You know life happens for a reason. Lets make sure we open our eyes to see it mom ;-)
Helping someone else helps us!
Good luck with everything. I love you!
And please tell everyone I love them too.
-Sister O

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 9th

I'm going to CC! The Bluff! Elder Assistant to the President gave me some names and I'm already praying for them and inspiration to help them! 
I will tell you all soon how it is!
Sister R. is my new companion she was here in mission before so I already know her and we're going to go help and baptize the people and strengthen Zion!
More later-
Hermana O.

July 2

My companion is training this coming transfer so I don't know where I'll be next week :-D Oh the life of the mission!
Um I'm doing good on everything (minus nutella but like I said I don't know where I'll be :-)  )

Um quick experience plus first scripture 3 Nephi 11:21 we are here in L.E. and we have the power to baptize this people so now L.E. is Zarahemla!
Oh cool story: the family that baptized their boy recently; she shared with us how her sister in law was crying during the baptism: so we're going to help her feel that amazing feeling always :-) the spirit!
And also this same family; the first time I met them we talked and I didn't really understand (2 months ago my Spanish still needed help) so my native companion turns to me after I understood only so much and asks will you share a scripture? Sure! The only thought that came to my head the entire time I was kind of understanding was diezmo.... oh I also didn't know if they were members or investigators so I just pulled out tithing like this " there is an ancient law that our church follows its called tithing" and shared a scripture and ya... like this! So after my companion was like why did you share that? And I said I have no idea! Its the only thing that came to my head! And so two months later she tells us how her family has been blessed by tithing and I just felt the comfort from the spirit that I had done my work. that I had helped this family indirectly and well follow that spirit be humble and he will lead you.
Giving all my desire to God so he can lead me is my goal this week. His will His plan its the most intelligent thing to do! :-D
Love hermana O