Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Crazy week. just super happy and tired. I love it.
So I woke up at 4:30 in the morning Wednesday and finished packing and then drove to corpus and then drove to McAllen. It was LONG. I was Elders but it was good good stories entertaining and learning. I went to the new companionship training en vez de new trainers training (new comp training is normally after 3 weeks or so of training) so i didn't know my companions name until the first break out because we got there late. Sister A.from UT. She's great she's like a smaller version of me! (except Peruvian) she was born in California and raised in UT. She is super obedient and super diligent. I love her. I feel like she's already trained up until she asks me a question she's really great hard worker. Used to be a CNA and such so ya diligent.
We have just been trying to meet the members of our area, get to know them serve them and just having and showing and expressing love for them, we feel so blessed to be here and they love the sister missionaries. They haven't had any for 7 years.... So we are historical and now we just have to focus all the excitement on working together and progressing the Lord's work forward here! Annaville is great. We work with the Zone Leaders in the ward and we have even been blessed with a meal appointment from the Stake President, even though he lives in the Elder's area, we are so blessed! Not just the dinner ;-) but just the strength of the people very happy and powerful ward.
Now we just have to match that power with faith and diligence and we  will find teach and help our brothers and sisters partake of salvation through baptism! Thank goodness for the savior's example!

Easter was wonderful for me too!
My favorite talk was by Elder Rodriguez he made me cry when he was using the story about the misbehaving school of boys and how they make rules and then the starving one steals the lunch and because of the rules would have to get whipped, but the big fellow takes his stripes for him. A powerful act of love.
Something my companion and I experienced recently was as we studied Alma 7:11-12 together she shared about how she felt lonely when she decided to choose better friends and do what is right and she realized through this scripture that she is not alone Christ knows who she feels.

Otras detallas.. we are living with a member! (so much new stuff in one week its stressful and yet its not been so bad) The sister is soooo powerful and humble and sweet and has her food  storage and preparedness is something she definitely strives for! She is a nurse and like I said sweet heart!
I love the mission!
con mucho amor y gratitud,
Hermana O.

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  1. Sister Oomrigar!

    You are amazing! Thank you for the great things you are doing for the world and for Texas. :)

    I'm happy to call you my friend and can't wait to see you when you get back.

    Joshua S.