Monday, April 1, 2013

March 18, 2013

This week was good we did a lot of service and felt led to the people. We are following the Spirit and its blessings us. I feel especially blessed because I get to teach people everyday by example and by words. I love the Book of Alma! I just finished it in Spanish and it was so great and I am loving Helaman, Helaman 2/3 gave me a lot of perspective that even though it is scary or hard that does not mean we are bad people! The humble ones were the ones that were being true disciples of Christ and they chose to be happy and grow more and more in humility. That's what I want. I love the mission because I am trying to put everything in and I falter. I falter and that humbles me and I choose to look forward or not!
I say look forward "perfect brightness of hope"! and why not?  Even as I prayed a couple of times this week that this person or that person would be blessed with the understanding even though I or my companion couldn't express it adequately. The Lord truly does fill us with joy and peace especially when we have weaknesses. I love the Lord and am grateful for Him and His sacrifice it truly is unfathomable and yet I know that I have felt the truth of it in my life.
I know my Savior lives. I know he blessed the earth once again with the testimony of his son through the Book of Mormon. what a strength the knowledge of Christ has been in my life it brings peace. I want to shout it out to everyone but I already know that doesn't work. sigh I have to continue with the frailties I have and know that through Christ I will do His will and I continue to grow and see others grow!
I love the scriptures and the gospel. If we all share it then all will hear it, so share now feel the joy I have felt.

 Hermana O

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