Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 25, 2013

I love when the Spirit teaches two people in different parts of the world the same thing. :-)

I learned recently that sometimes I ignore the promptings of the spirit and in some things I have not prepared my mind sufficiently. So I have been rededicated to lesson plans and organizing the area book with my companion since last Tuesday. this past week is described in pretty much miracles of obedience because as we spoke of our purpose clearly and followed the promptings to visit certain homes and people the Lord blesses us. We were blessed to find some new people who are really excited about living the gospel and this is also what we learned in Zone conference last week to find the prepared the "eligidos" the elect. The Lord knows where each of them are and now we have listened and followed and found them taught with clarity and now its just really exciting!

I also got to go on companion exchanges to my old area flour Bluff ( "da bluff")  and I got to hear and feel and see in action the testimony of a man that I was able to teach there Brother G! he has such a strong testimony of the truth and he loves the modern day scriptures! its so powerful it was so exciting to work with him. And also the new sister that is fresh from the MTC from 5 weeks ago and she is so faith filled just wanting to the Lord's will. I remember that fire and its still burning in me. Green things grow I am still green.
This weekend the miracle of baptism is now planned for three new people in the Rockport area! que dicha es! How great it is!

Speaking of green. The Lord has asked me to leave Rockport. Sister E is heading to Everheart to "pink wash" or go to an area where elders were serving and start working there with Sister R. Crazy huh? The Lord has called Elders to the rockport area Elder C and M. The branch who normally hears the gossip within hours of big news like this let out a giant gasp (Sis E describes it like the reaction that the Merfolk give when Ariel isn't in her shell during her coming out performance at the beginning of The Little Mermaid) it was bitter sweet.

I am heading to Annaville to "pink wash" and train a new sister. I have no idea who she is and I am pretty sure she is coming from the MTC.  SO the Lord has been preparing me for this. I received a blessing a couple weeks ago that said the last weeks were going to be the most important and now I know why. I get the chance to meet a whole new group of people and grow and teach and woah... I am so excited the Lord just keeps sending surprises my way its crazy.

Forever Strong!
Love Hermana O

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