Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I love Rockport it is gorgeous it pretty much puts you under a spell of the waves and the skies all combined together to remind you of the glory of God, all might not see it as that but it gives me that hope and knowledge. 

Today I'm just going to review the past week. I will tell you more about the AMAZING training this past couple days on Monday.

last week we started off getting to know members still and we got to teach the Familia H. the mom is not a member and is doing her part and working with her husband to become active and happy members of the church. bro h wants to be this example for his sweet little daughter and it has blessed us so much to see them change. Sis E has seen them grow the most and I feel so blessed to see them growing even now and feeling the spirit in their home. There is some much to do and yet the lord has really helped them out. 

I am also really happy because I have seen some really tough moments be swallowed up in the moments when we were instruments in the Lords hands to share his love with his children. I have so much love for these people it is sometimes hard to know what to do but as I listen to the spirit he helps. I am so much of nothing its freeing. I have the power to be an instrument because i have been given choices and i choose to see and put God's hand to guide me. Not perfect at it but its still powerful. 

The members in Rockport just love and support one another and I just feel God's love working through them and I am just glad I get to be here to help them focus that love into missionary work.

We are doing a lot of service because its not kosher to proselyte here. Which is super hard for me I have to focus on being normal and see if they are interested without offering it as directly as before. Is a learning experience that has been growing me.

I love it here. I love missionary work. I have also reflected on how the lord has prepared me for these moments and how he is preparing people all around us its beautiful. Also with Stake conference on Sunday I felt the spirit soooooooooo strong. I have to repent and let men respect my womanhood I have to let them be gentlemen. It includes letting people serve me. I am learning from this also. I know it will help me to be the person the Lord needs me to be. I love the Lord. He answers your prayers and mine as well.

Hna O.

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