Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I am doing great. the wedding didn't happen still have to do some paper work issues keep praying for them they have to wait a while longer for baptism so its going to be more time to loose the spirit but with prayers it should help!
We were able to help out some families feel God's love! The spirit is really guiding as we are hearkening to the promptings. 
One family we met with is interested and is reading the gospel pamphlet so pray for them, its bro d and sis L.

Other then that we just keep learning a lot. The branch here has done a lot of missionary work they are the most serviceable people you will every meet. And now we need a battery charge or jump start. Maybe a new idea of missionary work or things that have worked in your wards? We are going back to the basics as a branch and any ideas are always welcomed!

We also realized we as missionaries do not carry the mantle of maintaining the branch we learned that we are to support the branch but more then anything we are to just go and find and teach and convert and baptize. Miracles are waiting!

A grand miracle was the knowledge of the next life, we had a memorial service for a daughter of a lady here and we were able to celebrate life and then also remember the next life is for learning as well.

I know that the Lord has sent me here to grow in patience and this week my goal is to grow in pure knowledge and beauty in the actions and words I do especially in context of the Atonement! HAving Christ be my center helps others to want that for themselves as well.

con muchoisimo amor,
Hermana O

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