Thursday, March 14, 2013



I am staying in R! I should be finishing my mission here its the time of a special diligence and I am so humbled that the lord has given me all this amazing time, I get to be a missionary always with these basics I am learning here. Sorry not much details this week other then we taught a lesson in Spanish... sometimes I feel rusty and sometimes I just think need to learn that word that word that word.... It happens- more studies here I come! Oh and this week there was this thing called oyster fest that was down the street from our trailer it was just weird because the worldly music was just terrible sounding the whole nights and days. I know I want to stay clean and pure in everything I do when I get home. 

I gave a talk on Sacrament on Sunday and I just want to bear my testimony. I know that as I have been blessed to take the sacrament weekly I have been able to change and improve with out even realizing it. What a mercy it is to feel God's love each Sunday. I have had the chance to progress so much in this life just by being diligent in sacrament attendance and partaking of the sacred emblems. Its literally like witnessing Christ's resurrected hands and feet and side every week. Elder Holland said the Atonement was the "crowning event of eternity" -Do this in remembrance of Me Elder Holland" therefore the sacrament as we remember His sacrifice should be the "crowning event" of the week every week. think of Him and we receive answers.

Love you!
Hermana O

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